Getting Here


Grace’s Cool Spot is easy to find but getting here can be difficult.

1. First you have to step away from your office, out of your car or away from the classroom. Once you have completed the first step, proceed to step 2.

2. Leave your suit, jeans, boots, jacket, scarf, thermals, uggs, kimono and sweaters in your closet and put on/pack your shorts, t-shirts, sandals and swimsuits. Little Corn Island isn’t just a place, it’s a state of mind. Dress for success and you will be one step closer to getting here.

3. Call your friends, family, boss, teachers and kids and tell them to hold all your calls. You will be busy with swinging in a hammock reevaluating work plans, diving and fishing corporate training sessions and dancing the night away networking for the unforeseeable future.

4. Now for the easy part: Get to Managua! There are international flights through Continental, Taca, Copa and various others. Check out flight aggregator sites like, and others.

5. Once arrived in Managua, let the adventure begin! There are two ways to get to the islands: by land or by air. Check out this infographic to get an idea of what it takes.

6. To get to Grace’s Cool Spot, just follow the map:

Graces Cool Spot Map LCI v5