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Check out our Cool Beach Party!

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Merry Christmas everybody!

GCS 12

Hello, We are happy that you are going to pass a nice time for christmas here on the island man. Don’t forget your sunscreen because here in the Caribbean the sun is our snow. It is everywhere!   Okay man cool then We hope to see you soon!

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Cool time to check out the island man


Hello you know now is a good time to come visit us in our little island man. The sea is more calm and the rains them only fall when it gets hot and that cools everything down man. Just how we like it, cool. This is a cool spot and you should visit us to […]

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Hello everybody happy christmas!

cool friends at cool spot

Yes man everything cool down here on little island man. Check us out for christmas and for new year for 2016 man we are going to have a lot of fun! Yes man check it out. Cool then

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Full up until after Easter!

Hello all you cool people so sorry man but we are all full up until after the Easter holidays man! Yes is a cool time to check out the island and everybody done reserve up everything so even if you find space on the calendar it done book out but feel free to reserve for […]

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Everything cool in 2015 man


Yes man everything cool here now in 2015 man. You all are welcome to stay by us man! We will see you all soon!

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Everything cool man

Yes man here on the island everything cool man. We here with the sea and nice breeze relaxing, throw out a line maybe catch some supper, just taking it easy you know! Come check us out man, we have you hammock waiting on you man! Ok cool then

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Cool Summer time man!


Ya man it is a good cool summer time man! We have some great groups what is coming down to work on some cool projects here on the little island and you should come down too! We no have so much room but that no is nothing man, you can still pass by here and […]

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Full up until May!

Yes we are all full up! The weather has been giving problems as well so the boats are running late, so right now we aren’t taking reservations for stays before the 1st of May. If you have reservations already, we will see you soon!

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Full until 20 March!


We are full up with people until the twentieth of March! Please do not reserve for before then or we going to have to refund you deposit and tell you we no have space. But come to the island and check us out when you reach!  

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